Sex and era and Views of Homosexuality

Sex and era and Views of Homosexuality

Elsewhere, majorities in South Korea (59per cent) and China (57per cent) additionally say homosexuality really should not be accepted by community; 39% and 21percent, respectively, say it ought to be recognized. South Korean vista, while nonetheless adverse, need shifted substantially since 2007, whenever 77per cent mentioned homosexuality should-be refused and 18percent said it should be recognized by community.


The original version of this document integrated public opinion information regarding the connections between religion and morality in China which includes as been discovered to own been in error. Especially, this survey items that requested whether one must believe in a greater power or goodness to-be a moral person was mistranslated regarding Asia survey, making the results incomparable for the staying 39 countries. For this reason, the data from Asia has become removed from the present type of the report, re-released in .

There was a solid partnership between a country’s religiosity and opinions about homosexuality. 2 There is certainly far less approval of homosexuality in region where faith try central to prospects’s lives a€“ assessed by whether or not they start thinking about faith becoming important, whether they believe that it is important to rely on goodness to be ethical, and whether or not they pray at least once each day.

Religiosity and Opinions of Homosexuality

You can find noteworthy exceptions, nevertheless. For example, Russia get lower results from the religiosity level, that will advise higher quantities of tolerance for homosexuality. Yet, just 16per cent of Russians say homosexuality need accepted by culture. Alternatively, Brazilians and Filipinos become significantly more tolerant of homosexuality than her nations’ fairly high levels of religiosity would suggest.

In Israel, in which panorama of homosexuality is combined, secular Jews tend to be more than twice as likely as those that describe by themselves as conventional, religious or ultra-Orthodox to express homosexuality need recognized (61% vs. 26percent); merely 2per cent of Israeli Muslims show this see.

In most associated with region surveyed, views of homosexuality don’t vary substantially between men and women. However in the nations where you will find a gender difference, women are somewhat more likely than boys to say homosexuality should-be accepted by people.

In Japan, Venezuela and Greece, where about six-in-ten lady state homosexuality should-be accepted (61% in Japan and 59percent in Venezuela and Greece), fewer than half of males display this see (47per cent, 44per cent and 47per cent, correspondingly). About 50 % of females in Israel (48percent) express good horizon of homosexuality, compared to merely 31% of males. And, while majorities of women and guys in Britain, Chile, France while the U.S. state homosexuality should always be recognized by community, women are much more likely than men to provide this view by at least ten portion points.

In lots of nations, vista of homosexuality additionally differ across age groups, with younger participants regularly much more likely than old people to state homosexuality should always be recognized by people. Years distinctions were specially noticeable in Southern Korea, Japan, and Brazil, where those young than 30 tend to be more accepting than those many years 30-49 just who, subsequently, are more accepting compared to those many years 50 and earlier.

For example, in Japan, 83per cent of those young than 30 say homosexuality must approved, compared with 71percent of 30-49 year-olds and just 39% of these 50 and more mature. In the same way, 71percent of southern area Koreans inside younger age bracket provide positive vista of homosexuality, but simply about half of 30-49 year-olds (48per cent) and 16per cent of these 50 or elderly manage. In Brazil, about three-quarters of these younger than 30 (74%) state homosexuality need acknowledged, compared with 60percent of those in the middle class and 46percent of the 50 or older.

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